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Quick tips for your trip

  • Climate and season to travel.  Avoid at all costs the months of May and June because the heat is unbearable. I made the mistake of starting my trip in this country in June and discovered what it is to have 40 degrees and humidity above 70%. If you travel this season I recommend reading this article on how to travel in hot climates and avoid heat stroke.  The best weather season is from December to March, however this is also the high season and everything is more expensive. Your best chance for decent weather and cheaper prices is right at the end of the rainy season and before the high season begins: September to November.

  • “Hello” and “Thank you” in the local language.  India is one of the most multicultural countries that exist, they say that every 100 meters the language changes so English is widely spoken throughout the country. There is no per-se way  to say good morning, good afternoon, good night, however the most accepted is a « Namaste «, putting your hands together at chest height and slowly bowing your head while saying it. You can say thank you in English: “thank you”.

  • Official coin.  Indian rupee

  • Visa. Mexicans as well as citizens of 43 other countries can enter India with an Electronic Visa Authorization (ETA), apply and pay online. If the authorization is approved, it allows you to stay 30 days, when you arrive at the airport you will be asked for the ETA together with your return or continuation plane ticket. If you require more than 30 days you will have to apply for a traditional Tourist Visa directly at the Embassy. More information on the website of the Embassy of India

  • Security.  India is indeed an extremely safe country, most religions profess non-violence and the police only carry a bamboo stick as a weapon, however it has several social problems, especially on the issue of women’s safety, which I explain in detail in this article:  Is it safe for a woman to travel to India?

  • Hosting Cost. Accommodation is relatively cheap, prices depend a lot on the area, season and type of hotel. A bed in a hostel is as low as $ 5 a night and private rooms start at $ 20 a night, averaging about $ 30 or $ 40 a night in a good hotel.

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