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Land of myths and spirituality but also of poverty and inequalities, India is a country of many contrasts. How many times have we heard and used the phrase “either you love it or you hate it, or everything at the same time” … the truth is that it does not leave anyone who visits it indifferent. Here we leave a summary with EVERYTHING we have lived, a complete travel guide to India for backpackers. Although it is best to try not to read or study too much about the sites and experiment for yourself.

ndia welcomed us with a wide smile, hidden between the chaotic traffic and the mountains of garbage. We have enjoyed every moment spent here. It has been three months of continuous struggle and satisfaction , learning, laughter and anger … all mixed with a little bit of crushed ice and sugar water, so that when you drink it, it will be the most amazing juice you have ever tasted.

We will always be grateful to India and the only way to give back something of everything that it gave us is to tell our stories lived on the blog.

| Our tour

This is the map with the route we did. You can click on the city that interests you so that the link with the article appears

 India guides by territories

Select one of the photos depending on which part of India you want to investigate:

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