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Trixo is it legit? – Fake flight ticket app – long review

Trixo is it legit

Depending on how much you have travelled you may or may not know that to get a visa to enter or even stay in a country for a while you need a visa. Popular destinations that require a visa are India, China, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

One of the requirements for a long stay visa is proof that you intend to leave the country, either to return home or to travel to a new destination. Without this proof you will not be allowed entry into the country. Proof needs to be shown in the form of an e-ticket or flight ticket.
Therefore, you have to book your departure flight prior to arriving. In some cases, you need to show proof when you check in for the first flight. Having your departure flight booked before you even start your travel adventure is a little crazy as you may not know when you want to leave.

Also, if you do have your ticket prebooked, sometimes up to a year in advance you may wish to change it. Maybe you need to leave earlier due to an emergency at home or suddenly want to leave and travel to a different country. Whatever the reason, making changes can be expensive. Some airlines charge $100, plus the price difference, when you move your flight is the next day, week or month.
These problems can be avoided with the help of Trixo.

What is Trixo and is it a scam?

Trixo is a site that generates a fake flight ticket based on real information.
It is NOT a scam. For as little as $8 you can create a legitimate looking ticket for a flight of your choice.
Flight tickets can be made within a few minutes and sent directly to you for well known airlines such as British Airways, American Airlines, Delta, Air France and many more.

How does it Work?

Upon visiting the trixo you enter your “from” and “to” destinations, along with your desired date of departure. You then click “search.”

Using your information, the generator communicates with the API database, which contains real data about upcoming airlines, flights times and prices. From a long list of real flights that are due to take off you can choose which legitimate flight you want your non-real ticket to copy.

Once you choose which flight you want to mimic, you add the passenger details, your email address (to receive the fake ticket) and select which currency you want to display on the ticket.
The next step is paying the $8 fee via PayPal.

When you have completed this process, you should receive your personal fake flight ticket in approximately 5 minutes.

It´s as simple as that!

Why do you need a Fake Flight Ticket?

As previously mentioned, one of the main reasons to have a fake flight ticket is to use it as proof that you intend to leave a country within the time frame which has been set. The fear of illegal immigration is strong in many countries around the world and they seem to think that by showing you have booked an outbound flight you´ll be leaving the country.

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Other possible reasons to create your own fake flight ticket is to do a prank on your friends or even family members. You could make them think you have bought them an insanely expensive vacation or convince them that you are going on one.

You could even create one as a souvenir to document your travels throughout your life.
Depending on where you work you might be able to use it get a vacation, or use it as an excuse for delays.
If you have used the Trixo fake ticket in other ways, we would love to hear all about it.

What is special about Trixo?

There are three things that make Trixo so good, and why it’s the go to place for many travellers, they are the delivery time, passengers and authenticity.

While there are a few fake ticket generators available, Trixo is better because you are able to add multiple passengers to the ticket. They can be both adults and children, they are added without any additional cost. All Trixo tickets cost $8.

This is great for when you are not travelling alone.

Another great thing about using Trixo is that you receive your fake flight within a few minutes of confirming the details. It’s a very fast service! Within less than 15 minutes of starting the process you can be printing your very own perfect looking fake ticket.

Finally, how the Trixo fake flight tickets looks is incredible. In addition, to a lot of flight and passenger details, it also contains an PNR code. It is this special code that really boosts it authenticity rating.

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A PNR is a Passenger Name Record, which airlines officially provide each passenger. Its this number that normally allows you to check in. It is this unique set of 13 numbers that makes the Trixo tickets passable as proof of onward travels for visa applications.

Customer reviews

Trixo has been online for a while now. Here are a few of our most recent customer reviews:
Esport Nation in Columbia: “Amazing service and experience, highly recommended, will keep in contact for future business, super smooth deal!”

Kelly Anna Petrov in Greece: “I (used it to) joke with my girlfriend. I gave the ticket (to her) because I wanted to travel and she said “you are crazy the world has coronavirus. She was very angry! Hahahahaa”
Abu Fadi Abba in Columbia: “Good web site I bought a lot of tickets.”

Nancy Thomas in India: “Good Job! I got the fake ticket within few minutes as promised good job guys.”

Read more about the reviews

All the reviews make the Trixo family proud and happy to help and support everyone that wants to travel.
To learn more about Trixo you can visit the official website and read their FAQS to answer any further questions that you may have.

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